Buffalo Wild Park

All the beautiful things our eyes can see, Though we don't understand, All the thing we can touch, Though we don't feel, All the things we love, Though we don't nurture We capture the moment that touched us the most, Already forgotten , The moment only satisfied us    


Limburg Cathedral (Dom)

When I walked over the Lahn Bridge in Limburg after 16 years it was one of the weirdest feelings in a long time. I stood still just looking around that Sunday morning. I remember being five years old begging my mother to sign me up for the Chior. Angelic voices used to sing at the... Continue Reading →

A thousand First’s

There are a thousand firsts for a lot of things. Though this post is about having Faith between old and new love.  Divorce and whatever comes next. Whether it was your fault or not. If you understand what it means to have God in your life, you know, it wasn't meant to be. Of course... Continue Reading →

What happened ?

Before traveling to Europe my life flipped upside down. It had such a huge impact on everything I was and wanted to do. I let down loyal Friends & Clients as well. Now after almost 2 years recovering I found my self even closer to God and more destined to continue where I was cut... Continue Reading →

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