…when you pick up that Magazine with your picture in it, while waiting at the Register

Just last night I was writing about how grateful I am to have my work recognized so many times. Which of course has a lot to do with the fact that I work with brilliant Designers, models and makeup Artists. But to have your work in an actual store is definitely another level of reality. And just by the way, I will boost my entire passion and energy to promote and support each of the individual that I work with. Whether its the Model, the Designer, Director, Makeup Artist. You name it. Of course I risk to have people walking all over my back. But I will take the chance. It is not just a humble feature of mine. It is business. And Business is pretty tough especially in this Industry. Designers want to get paid for their creations. And so do I. But without any exposure it’s very unlikely to be seen, recognized hence you remain unpaid.

So, in a couple days when my latest publication by Gen Facio Magazine is released in the stores. I will pick one up, drive home and hang it on my wall. To remind myself. This is my Team that you can see in my image. The whole thing! For this particular photoshoot: The model, Michelle Green who I simply enjoy working with as she is beyond natural, professional and always right on spot with my lens. The Makeup and Hair Artist Paula Yahn, who happen to be awarded last year with the D-List Fashion Show. She always gets my ideas right away.And God bless we are always on the same page. And of course this amazing Designer Devon Yan . I absolutely enjoy his unique work. Nicole Carter with her breathtaking Head Designs. You really got to check out her work. And well,  myself.

Here is a little ”give back” from Gen Facio Magazine to the Designer Devon Yan as a thank you for his collaborations and hard work. They reached out to me and I was happy to contribute !

Shiree, Michelle, Paula and Devon. I am thankful to have such great people to work with. It is a great deal for any Photographer when people reach out that want to work together.

Thank you Gen Facio for reaching out. This totally made my month !




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Internationally published Photographer and Author from Seattle,USA and currently in Europe on a personal Journey and life changes

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