Today I want to write about something that I always carry in my heart. It is personal yet makes the Photographer I am.

2014-09-10 16.33.46

This is my dad at 80 years old with my son 2014. An amazing fit man for his age. Knows absolutely no English except ”No” and ”Yes” and ” where can I buy cigars ?” He lived here in the USA with me for a while, lived by my rules, made my children happy and made everyone laugh. Eventually at some point, he could not connect with the United State and moved back to Europe. Now he is waiting for me to visit him. And I can tell you it is very hard not to just fly over there to spend time with my Friends and Family.

My Grandma, his mother died when she was 104! years old. She lived with full awareness of Life until she took her last breath. Weak and broken, memory loss but not ”lost”. She passed while my dad lived here with me. It was really heart breaking when I had to give those news to my own father. I am thinking, what memories do we have of her other than what’s on our mind ? Do we have anything ? Photographs. Perhaps. However, these are so old.  The last Family picture with everyone (which includes several countries because we are just all over the place), was taken when I was about 9 or maybe 12.  The Liker’s are very unique. Its the Name. But that’s to another story some other time I might tell.

So, what does my dad have of his mother? One portrait of Granny taken about 2 years before she passed away. And ugh she wasn’t even smiling.

I look at my children, whose Grandparents live thousands miles away and all they have is SKYPE every Saturday morning. What else do they have, once my parents are no longer? What do I have? Memories that I will carry in my Heart as long as I live. But what’s beyond? Can you see what I see? Can they value what I value and understand why I do? I survived cancer and I have no pictures during that time with my kids, pets or friends.  But what if that would have been the last thing? Well, it sure wasn’t.  So, here I am building memories. Memories that need to be continued by my children and children’s children. Photographs. Thoughts. Feelings. MEMORIES. What’s more true than a Life story based on facts ?

One thing that I wish I had a picture of is the moment my dad showed true emotions and hugged me after more than 17 years. I still see him sitting in front of me in tears and pure joy of forgiveness to let go what we had hated each other before for. The day my daughter was born. My beautiful daughter in fact, brought back our love.

So whether this blogpost is professional or not. It is how I feel and why I LOVE to photograph that show emotions based on true stories.  Clients come to me and share their story. I put words into pictures and pictures into words.

Photographs the only memory of words voiced deep inside your heart!

1924530_501019703337085_206083324_n 2013-11-22 13


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