Seriously, this ain’t no photo-shop !!!

I like to talk about something that people want to stop yet no one really does, stop!

Here is the thing, when I upload a file onto Photoshop I always duplicate it and I always create layers.  It has many reasons. Some of them are professional and some of them are rather personal. Sometime’s I can’t decide which version I like better, so I might keep 2. Ultimately because if I make a mistake I can go back, fix the layer and move on. Retouching an image late at night after a long day leads often to ” meh don’t like it,..or ” well ops I didn’t pay attention ” So let’s fix it. All good. Perfect !

Unfortunately my blog today isn’t about PhotoShop.  It’s about texting while driving. And I am the first to admit. I have done it.  And I have been close to the point to almost ”regretting” it. I know we all do. Some less, some more. Hopefully you are one of the ones that don’t do it -anymore-.

Let’s see, you’re running late to work because your dog takes off minutes before you had to leave. You love your dog, so you get him first. While running after that dog in your neighborhood another car drives up. Meanwhile, he doesn’t see you. He is texting his wife ” almost there baby..” I don’t know if he ever gets there because he just ran over your dog. And your dog is dead now.

Here on I5 it’s pretty crazy to drive. People are coming from all over the world. Especially between Seatac and Olympia. The Army Base is right there and it’s huge. So what do most driver’s do when it’s raining that aren’t from Washington? They maybe drive extra slow or just as fast but 70% have NO lights on. It’s the Law actually. Turn on your lights as soon as it’s starting to mist outside and starting to dim. Period. To all fairness, Washington folks don’t even do that either. So no one really to blame accept yourself. Zip Zap merge is when you want to come onto the Freeway. Driver’s on the very right lane have to let you merge in, you go, next waits and the follower merges in again. Sounds easy, right? But it’s never really happening isn’t it. Then you have those weirdos that drive extra fast so you can’t come between them. In all craziness on any Freeway people are too fast or too close or use no signals. Whatever it is. You have to drive very cautiously!

Not touching your phone while driving is the ONLY thing in YOUR control. We do not know if other driver’s are texting and run into the Truck in front of them. We do not know when and how a Deer gets lost and runs onto the Freeway and endangers itself and the driver’s. Poor thing.

Texting while driving is always dangerous. Even if you stuck in traffic and it’s a stop and go situation. The moment you don’t pay attention while driving. BAM too late to realize the car in front of you had already been stopped.

A very sad story to read:

A pregnant woman (33) and her husband (35) left their home to drive to the hospital. Her water broke. Her 7 year old son was dropped off at his Grandmother’s house. He wanted to come along so so bad. But they promised him to visit as soon as his baby sister was born. As they drove off her contractions got stronger. It’s a very small town and it was towards the evening. Her husband drove 10 miles over the speed limit and had the Hospital on speakers to let them know they are on their way. Meanwhile a 27 year old woman, Laura, left her Fiance’s house in tears. She drove off way too fast in a 30’s zone. In the back of her car was her 6 year old daughter. Her tears running down her cheeks and driving towards the main street in town. She was so devastated and argued with her Fiance via texting. Back and forth. Back and forth.

As the married couple almost arrived at the Hospital they had to stop at the red traffic light. The same intersection where the 27 year old has to stop. As the light turn green, the couple hurries to cross the intersection. Laura, the 27 year old still texting her Fiance’s in the same speed and not realizing the red traffic light. Her daughter was shouting ” mommy it’s red. It’s red !!!” But she drove right through it.

Both cars collide.

The couple’s driver’s side was bend in all the way. It was such a massive hit that the pregnant woman’s seat belt snapped and locked to keep her in the seat. Unfortunately squeezed the woman’s womb badly. Her liver had teared and the uterus detached. She lost too much blood. Her husband hit his head on the left to his window and broke his left shoulder.

Later on, doctors were able to safe the pregnant woman’s unborn child. They could not stop the mother’s bleeding.She did not survive.

Laura, the 27 year old crashed into the couple’s car with her head and shoulders down. She drove fast and through the red light as she was reaching for her phone that had fell on  the floor after she read her Fiance’s text message. She survived with minor injures. Her 6 year old daughter’s booster seat came lose when the car’s collide. Her head was squeezed between the front and the back of her chair that pressured on her lungs. She was still alive when Ambulance arrived. But suffered by not being able to breathe and blood running into her lungs. She died shortly after the crash, before her mother was able to hold her for a very last time.

This happened in 2014. Laura had been sentenced for 1 year and taken away her license!

Make your decision responsibly. It’s not a movie where it’s just pretending and Actors go home at the end of the day. It’s not PhotoShop where we can go back to the original layer over and over again and change, delete and start over as often as we please.

Your child relies on your actions. Other drives rely on your decisions. You can’t control destiny but you KNOW how to play safe and NOT touch your phone !


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