A new Journey


A new Journey

Today marks 5 years when I first picked up a Digital Camera after 10+ years playing with Film. Such as Leica 9 my Grandfather’s camera, Polaroid, Kodak’s etc just to name a few. The early 80’s and 90’s were the most exciting years in my Photography journey. European schools such as Italy, Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland offered ”Project classes ” that were just as valued as math and Sports and graded the same way.  You had 3 years of different creative project classes. Each year you can choose either Photography and Dark Room, Wood and Sport.

As a Eurpoean with immidate Family originally from all over the place I had amazing places to travel from the minute I was born all the way until I was 25. In my pockets, my cameras.

I climbed mountains and played golf in the Swiss, I drank all sorts of Beer in Germany, got my first piercing in Italy and had my first legal joint in Holland, Amersterdam. Mostly we drove with close friend’s car or took the train. Being bored on a Friday evening, we booked a flight to Turkey for Saturday night.

Always with my camera in my pockets

My dad used to call me his colibri . A colorful exotic little bird that will go any direction, has the world’s prettiest colors and is always on the go. The American Hummingbird.  Ironically with no clue I would move to the United States later.

Excitment when I returned from any vacation or short trips as my first thing to do was getting all the film rolls developed at our local camera store.  Mostly I went with 36 and 48 per film roll. After picking up the prints ( 4×8 or 5×7’s) I also kept the Negatives and ” hobby developed” them at home.

Film was addictive as I was so proud to show everyone all the places I went. My mom was most excited to see pictures of family members she hasn’t seen in years. Living in different Countries its hard to keep up when to visit who and how long. This was WAY before the Europ was born. It was fun to also keep the money from different Countries.

Sadly, I was never really aware how blessed I was. If it wasn’t my parents who kept most prints in photobooks, I would have none left.  Not because I didn’t care anymore. But rather me becoming older, becoming a mother for the first time and losing a bunch of pictures each time I moved. And I moved a lot by choice….a lot.

My first DSLR

I was somewhere in Germany and people were talking more and more about the new Era of Photography. Sounded interesting. Pictures you can see before they are developed? Heck yea!! Uploading them onto my own Computer? Never??! Gimme that good stuff.

No more prints

No more Negatives

No more picking up prints at your Camera Store

Now for all true Photography lovers from the older days feel probably the same exact thing that’s going through my mind now.

That really sucks ?

I mean  you got to have some passion for Photography regardless if it’s Professional or Hobby. I understand. 10 years forward I turned out pretty well. I met and still do meet some amazing talented Fashion Designer from all over, musicians, producers, Magazine’s Editors. Weddings short time, Fine Art, Portraits.You can’t achieve and miss out without the Digital Photography. It’s a must! And yeah I love it.

But something happened to Colibri?

Right now, I have it all. I am beyond blessed. I am financially stable. A nice house in the country, a 1300 sft studio, was awarded to be Seattle’s Photographer of the year, have amazing children and some really dearest friends.  I am working currently for an Author and his book, tons of projects coming up and do some random shooting for clients. And besides all that I went back to college.

I miss the world, I miss the people and Mountains.

In May I decided to end my Studio lease and move it up to Seattle as most of my clients and collaborations are happening up north. This will probaly be sometime in August, 2015. With this decision I realized I haven’t lived for my self in years. I haven’t seen Family in over 10 years, haven’t climed a single tiny hill nor eaten real Italian Ice Cream. Sure I travel a lot here in the USA. But as a European it just isn’t the same.


You only live once.

And that is why I am stepping away of any kind of professional Photography that keeps me only at one spot!

I do not want to wait for the day years from now and ask myself ” Why didn’t I go” ?

I want to continuing making memories.

I do not want to hide nor put in a cage. 

I want to see the world

And in my pockets I will have Leica M, Polaroid and my Nikon.

That is what my passion was all about and I am excited just as a little kid 

Image from en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Colibri

Thank you so much for your support. It is greatly appreciated !

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