A beautiful break

It had been and still is such a busy year for me. I work with so many amazing people. Directors, Book Authors, Models, Designers, Magazines, Other Businesses . Get to travel to many places..As a Photographer I must say I am very blessed to be so appreciated.

But the pressure is pretty though I got to admit. Especially in the Commercial and Fashion Industry.  Therefore the best idea is to move my studio up to Seattle City, which is more convenient for everyone. This will be happening in late August of 2015. I already closed my current Studio here in Tacoma. I figured to take a little break from the Fashion World and focus a bit on Street Photography, Landscape, Sunset’s etc

It has literally been over a year that I grabbed my camera and went out to shoot a sunset. Either too tired because it can be a pain to set up all the strobes and tripod just for me to end up taking it off and wander around in the weirdest positions and poses 🙂

Anyways, I went out and recharged my soul by watching the sunset a few days ago…It was a beautiful evening here in Washington State.



Thank you so much for your support. It is greatly appreciated !

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