The Day My Heart Broke A Little…

I guess this is one of  those days when Blogger post about personal events or happenings that comes deeply right out of the heart. The only difference is that I just don’t really know where to start, how to continue or even how to finish this Blog for that matter.
 I lost Prince today.
Prince was a almost 2 year old gorgeous fully white Pit Bull pup.
A loyal, love longing and always up for snuggles adorable dog!
It is so hard for me to write this Blog without feeling this pain in my chest, that makes it so hard to breathe right now.
He cared so much for his family. He loved it when I took him running. Every morning he would wait next to my bed for me to get up to take him out or follow me every where in the house.
I loved him so much !
Unfortunate;y when this tragic accident happened we only had a day to say Goodbye to him. Actually it wasn’t even 20 hours.
The morning I had to put him down was so difficult for me. The hardest part was yet to come.
I sat down with him at home and gave him all the bones, and sweets I could possibly find.
He sensed something wasn’t right. Whether he was in pain or simply knew things were different. Probably both.
We lied together and  I snapped a few pictures with my Iphone.  Prince just didn’t care much about anything. He would not want to eat. He would not care much about me putting the leash on him. His tail was between his legs and his face was looking sad.
It was time to leave for the vet.
My legs were shaking and believe it or not. Prince’s sitting next to me and his entire Body was shaking as well. I said to myself:
”Don’t cry. Don’t you freaking cry ”
As soon as we arrived the lady was walking us to a back room. A beautiful room with a couch and lots of pet poems on the wall.
Prince sat next to me, leaning against my legs.
The vet wanted to walk him out of the room to get an IV done but my boy would just not want to go with her. So she explained to me some further steps. She made me help holding him while she injected the sedation. She said: ” It will take about 5 minutes for him to fall asleep. You will see his head moving right and left eventually…”
I stayed strong!
I could not speak!
I picked him up and sat him onto the couch and I held his body tight to me!
He was so calm.
Prince didn’t even make a sound.
He placed his head on my lab.
I whispered to him
”I love you so much. You will no longer be scared or be in pain”
Tears starting to hit my eyes but I keep taking deep deep breaths as I touched his head.
Finally, he fell asleep.
A few minutes later, the Vet walks back in and talks to me very quietly.
She said,
” I will give him his final injection. It will not take long!”
I positioned him comfortably and kneed in front of him.
I was face to face with him and spoke to him.
A minute later, I hear the voice
” He is gone ”
That is when I just couldn’t hold back my tears any longer.
It was the most terrifying and heartbreaking day of my life so far!
It literally took away my breath for hours …
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Thank you so much for your support. It is greatly appreciated !

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