Confession of an Alien

4_edited-2Before I will get into all the details of this blog post I need to confess. I was, unlike most Artists of all kind my age, strongly against the whole Online Blogging thing for a very long time. I grew up simple. I developed my hobby and passion rather simple and I tried really hard to hold on, on a time that just doesn’t exist anymore. A time when 6 years old didn’t have iphones, Photographer’s were to be found in a newspaper or a local Photography Studio ( without offending folks but the Studios in Italy,Germany etc aka Europe are just more legit than in the U.S) , hiding Adult Magazine’s under your pillow or hang out inside a local Book store to actual read a book. You walk ”downtown” and gaze over the newest poster from Victoria Secret or some Boy Band. People get together. Now, I had to learn to let go. I had to learn to become digital.

Whether it was digital Film, posting pictures and most of all HOW i advertise and Layout my website/Blog since people just don’t even buy legit Computers anymore. It’s the Iphone, Ipad or a mini laptop from HP. And to admit, it drives me NUTS. I build websites on the side and the very first request points are ” make sure its compatible with tablet’s, phones and ipad’ s. Back 5 years ago it wasn’t a topic. Back 3 years ago I would charge extra. Now it is ALL INCLUDED. But it is the same hard work. So I took a few months off to breathe. Revised and re-installed my focus point. Writing and Photography is not just a hobby of mine. It is my passion but also a business.  Therefore I will say goodbye to the good old newspaper and Blog along with you.  And honestly , I kinda make fun of myself to be that far behind everyone else these days. That’s okay! I already bought a very good chair ( actually looks like a mini sofa) for my office to be prepared for long butt sitting hours writing and posting, editing and retouching…

Here is a link to my reader’s Blog. Its a new Blog about Life, Sex,Food and Books/Blogs that I wrote and release once a month. More go to


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Internationally published Photographer and Author from Seattle,USA and currently in Europe on a personal Journey and life changes

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