What I see before I shoot and what I am trying to say


There is this feeling in my heart that needs to come out somehow. I see it. I can feel it. Oftentimes impossible to put in words. You getting paid for someone’s story. And sometimes, you feel the urge to put your own story out there to capture. A reflection of this image you have which you just can’t put in words.


I want people to wonder about the image. Get inspired. Or even relating to it. I feel like a wave that comes and goes. Sometimes strong and sometimes not so much. And that’s O.K. I think the key is to stay above the water and not drown.
At this point I can only speak for myself. Photography is what I do for a living. Although I started to go back to college ( never too late, right ). I learned very quickly that Photography is more than just a Business. I am not your next door neighbor’s Family Photographer. I have had a client about 8  months ago who paid me to capture her past. When she approach me and attached her story (a script review of her Book) I was able to see the picture I want to shoot with each line I read. And it left me with tears by the time I finished reading it.

I can’t shoot without a story. I can’t charge if there is no story.


What can I say. I’m different! I like who I am and I love the fact to touch people’s heart. At least I try. It’s pure. Its puzzled and honest. Not everyone’s taste. That’s okay !

It took me a very long time to realize that this is exactly what I want do as a professional. It sounds pretty dark actually- But I do sell my love and passion in order to gain yours ! I want people to hire me because they trust me. Because they love what I do.

I also collaborate with other Artists. In the beginning more than now. But if it clicks I will be happy to help out someone with a great vision. You never know, maybe one day I need their support as well. To me its important to respect each other.

The only story that I never want to change is LOVE. A wedding has to be captured just as that. And you would be surprised how creative you can get, if the couple is as open as the Artist.

Still Portraiture. Capturing what they feel or capturing what I see. Sometimes the most funniest stuff comes to mind.

I don’t care where, how high ( I am super scared of highs) or how dirty something is. I will climb and I will get that shot.    But I am nothing without people that team up with me. Talented, passionate people that makes everything possible !1DSC_7257

I guess at the end of the day I want to be hired for the type of work I do and not how much I charge.  I want to be THAT person who understands your pain, feels your happiness and expresses your personality, past or future and desires.


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Internationally published Photographer and Author from Seattle,USA and currently in Europe on a personal Journey and life changes

Thank you so much for your support. It is greatly appreciated !

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