It’s Who We Are

It’s who we are


The sun is hiding,

makes us appear,

nurturing our Love,

comes crystal clear

It’s who we are, that makes us one

Together at nights and day’s we run

They come in pacts to tear us apart,

With knives and swords right into our heart

But see, we’re taking all that beating,

Yet we’re not bleeding

It’s such an ugly beautiful World we live in,

If only weapons were made out of water and wind,

Tree’s would grow and souls see again

When Gold rises behind the mountains tomorrow,

And the bullets impact into our veins,

When the sea turns red and carries on our Love,

It becomes crystal clear once again


                We were not hiding,

     It’s who we were and what made us one


Written & Photographed  by Alisha Liker | Contributors Juliet Dang & Victor Loo | Head Design Nicole Carter| Makeup & Body paint Mabani Santiago-Aviles | Part of  the new Book ”UnTouched” Vol 1 scheduled for publication February 18th 2016 along with other Stories and Editorials.

More Images of this series will be published January 31 2016



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