Business Review – Important?

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Have you ever asked yourself how to ask your previous clients for a review of your work? If you’re rather shy like me. You don’t ask. You just end up hoping. While it is nice to be kind and humble. Hope does not really pay the Studio rent or any other expenses such as a good Insurance .

If you are confident enough and always honest and kind to your clients would it be that bad to ask to leave you a good review ? Again, if you’re like me. You always wonder what you could have done better or different perhaps. So, now you have such great work on  your Portfolio and happy costumers but new client’s will never experience to read any of it.

Personally I have had people approaching me that hadn’t hired me but are in fact a fan of my work. Which is one of the best compliments an Artist can get. You send out a message in word and picture, and it is understood. 1DSC_7257

Business reviews on  your website or other professional website/Blogs are not only highlighting that people respect your work. It also feeds your soul and confidence.

Makeup Artists, Photographers, Writers and Designers. We are all our worst critics. We pay more attention to our flaws than others but at the same time receiving compliments from costumers or other Artists is a really big deal to us and makes us stronger.

Which is exactly what I was missing to do. Stepping out of my bubble and accept an overall review from my surroundings.  Dreams are wonderful. Living a dream is even better.

From now on. Reviews are appreciated just as much as the wonderful amazing support I have been receiving from various people who believe in me. THANK YOU

I just signed up on this review website.

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Internationally published Photographer and Author from Seattle,USA and currently in Europe on a personal Journey and life changes

Thank you so much for your support. It is greatly appreciated !

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