”Turkey egg’s are blue”

Turkey’s eggs are blue. And sometimes, the sun looks like it’s bleeding. Lately, a snowman and his best friend’s, the Dragon’s are fighting Alien’s to rescue his parents before they melt.

A story my son started to write when he was 6. Now he is 7 and his imagination is beyond mine and he keeps me very occupied with it.

Do you remember all the stories you came up with when you were a kid? If I fell from the tree. I imagined over sized Dragonflies pushed me off. Or at nights, when you see the the lights of an Airplane. Doesn’t it look like a spaceship ? You  would think as a Writer and Photographer it would almost be like Peter Pan.  Everything is possible and Unicorns are blue and pink.

The truth is. Life will catch up on you and the seriousness of reality will hit you hard if you distract yourself and all you can see are things that make people tired and scared. But isn’t this called  r e s p o n s i b i l i t y ? You work, you pay your bills and you prepare you child for life. Get up in the morning, have breakfast, focus in school, come home and study before seeing friends or chores around the house. And who knows, maybe your child grows up with only one parent, or both parents are extremely busy.

I hear many parents say, ”children are not the way we were ”.  Yes, society is destroying a lot of our focus. I hate to break it down for you. No matter what. The parents will leave the biggest  i m p a c t  on their children. Always.

It is so easy to slip into reality without escape. Dreams are put aside. Goals are forgotten. And before you even realize it, you tell your son ” Sweetheart, Turkey egg’s aren’t blue. They are white! And the sun cannot bleed. It’s just a fireball and very hot. ”                     Right there you are taken away a big junk of fantasy, love and creativity out of his little world. What for? Life will catch up on him and make him face the brutality how strict our world actually is.

Children, Teenager our even us, the Adults should never stop creating. Whether it is a drawing, something we sing, write or photograph. It is n o t  real. However, it is leading us in a different dimension of dreams, hope and desire. Even if it’s just for a little moment.

And by the way. The bleeding sun is simply meant to be a sunset while the Turkey is laying a blue egg 🙂



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Internationally published Photographer and Author from Seattle,USA and currently in Europe on a personal Journey and life changes

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