A woman’s Valentine Portrait

Since I specialize in Women Photography I can’t stress it enough. All women are beautiful. All year long. All shapes and all sizes.

It is this  time of the year where I get booking questions more than any other month. Most are rather spontaneous than the rest of my work.

Personally I encourage women to get photographed no matter the time of the year.  We all have chapters in life that we go through. Women are beautiful when they are pregnant. Women are beautiful when they just had the baby. When they gained or lost weight. One thing I always tell my ladies, to L O V E themselves.  I do photograph all shapes. Yet, lately I received feedback from someone, who battled cancer and therefore very skinny. Since I do not blog too much client’s work, she felt comfortable to hire me. I will not Blog her photo’s on my Blog- Yet- But I do want to say, B E A U T Y  comes from within and to feel good about yourself with flaws and all, I promise  you will appear sexy as hell. So it doesn’t matter if you’re skinny or full figured. My photo’s do not represent pure sex. Although I like to represent a  touch of sensuality, sexiness and a bit of pureness.

So,strip down naked ( or bra an jeans), look at the mirror and say: ” I   L O V E    Y O U ”. And if you can’t say it just yet . It is okay! This is what I love the most, as Writer and Photographer. I love encouraging women. Show them. Make them comfortable. Photograph them any where with a touch of Art and Love. You do not have to wear a leather outfit, nor do you have to be fully naked.  What ever your attentions are of course. Get in gear girl and make that camera run on fire 🙂

Regardless if you approach your Photographer to capture your sexiness for Valentine’s Day or for yourself at any time of the year.

Y  O  U     A  R  E     B  E  A  U  T  I  F  U  L



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Internationally published Photographer and Author from Seattle,USA and currently in Europe on a personal Journey and life changes

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