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We’re sitting in front of each other in this small Cafe. I am watching her nervously playing with a piece of paper while I listening to her speak. My throat started to hurt and my vision was a blurry mess. Tears in my eyes. I am touched. She then continued and says ” I remember as it was yesterday…..”

” I was up early and excited to see the fair with my parents.Those huge ships that transported animals from the Island for farmers. For the poor and rich. My birthday was the day before and I turned seven. Which made me the youngest child. I ran down stairs to see my mother in the kitchen. She always sings in the kitchen while she cooks. Except this morning. She wasn’t there.  I remember hearing soft voices down the hall way. And my oldest sister ran out of my mothers room with tears in her eyes. That day really changed everything !”



It was a typical foggy Sunday morning in Putre. A small town in Chile.  Every morning the family would gather together for breakfast in the morning right after the sheep’s and chicken’s were fed. Elena would cut the bread she had baked and sing while placing the table. Elena is Samira’s mother with a beautiful voice. Usually it is her mother singing that would wake up the kids. But something was different this morning. It was Samira’s seventh birthday yesterday but she went to bed fairly early so she would not be too late to leave for the big fair today, where ships arrive from the Island to bring young Cows and Pig’s for the farmers to buy. An exciting event that no one really wants to miss. It’s this one time a year to buy animals for the farm so much cheaper than any other day.

As Samira ran downstairs no one was in the kitchen. She looked at the table and found some uncut tomatoes and a few bread slices that must of fell on the floor. She hears voices coming out of her mothers bedroom. It sounded someone was crying. She picks up the bread slices and carefully walks towards her mother’s room. The hallway was cold and dark. Samira tipped toed on the cold floor when she hears a loud ”No no no no”. Then the bedroom door opens up and her oldest sister ran out with tears in her eyes.  She crunched her hands into a fist and held her breath as she walks into her mothers bedroom.  Her stomach started to feel awfully funny and she sees her father standing at the window, looking outside. Her brother and her aunt sitting right at the edge of Elena’s bed looking right at Samira. ” Sam. You should not be in here ”, said her father. ” Come, I walk you out”. Samira could not move. Not even an inch. Her eyes caught her mother’s face. A pale face with her eyes closed. She runs up to her and reaches for her mother’s hand. ” Mamma, what’s wrong? Why don’t you wake up?” She looks at everyone and did not understand. With tears in her eyes she says, ”Papa, why is her hand so cold? You need to turn on the fire so she can be warm again. ” She lies her head next to her mothers. Cheek on cheek while still holding her hand.

Elena died due to kidney failure and a very high fever.

The priest arrived after a while to honor her a last prayer, then was carried out in a coffin.  ” No one spoke to me. No one comforted me. I stood outside barefoot watching the hearse leave. I did not want to go back inside”, says Samira as she remembers. 

This is one of the most heartbreaking stories that I experienced to write. Knowing Samira personally how she grew up and what she will go through as she grows older. It is so much worth reading. It might change someone’s view of life

”Teach Me How To Breathe Again ” has several chapters and images and will be available in the Book series ”SAMIRA” in late spring 2016 – Characters name’s and location were changed.


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    1. Thank you Philip. I love writing about people’s Journey. This one in particular had happen to a dear friend of mine. It talks about abuse, rape and common mental health problems. It highlights her life before and after becoming a Christian.


  1. Reblogged this on BLOG UPDATES and commented:

    Be Aware.
    This story is about rape and abuse and contains graphic content and curse words. Nothing in this Book is invented and based on facts. All characters names were changed.
    Book will be published in less than 8 weeks from today.
    #stop #abuse


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