I reminded myself

A letter written by a client ( not in picture), that many women can relate to

Today  I reminded myself that I am beautiful.  Sometimes, it’s hard to remember if you have a toddler running around all day. Your hair in a bun, in a need of a better  job and a husband who seems to just not see a woman in me anymore. Instead of having relaxed conversations it is all about toddler poop. And this stinks!! Literally !  I am so tired of being frustrated and insecure in my boobs or stomach that isn’t tight anymore. How many times do I hear ”you’re skinny, why are you complaining. That’s stupid”

Stupid? Excuse me? Does that mean, my feelings do not matter anything? Does that mean that the way I felt when I dated Phil before marriage is something I have to be ashamed of? No, I am not ugly. But I also am not the woman I was. There is no reason to let go of yourself no matter how many kids or how many years  you’re married. Yet, I did let myself  go. I fight with my husband over some actress on TV with her mega sharp body after c-section. We don’t have the cash to buy me lifting boobs or get my stomach tighten up. And my we rarely ever have sex, not because my husband doesn’t want me anymore. It’s more, I do not let him  touch me.

My hair isn’t curled up, my lips wear no lipstick. My finger nails aren’t long and my heels are dusty. I don’t even wear matching underwear ! Yet, I complain every day and compare myself to rock stars and super models.

Then my husband said ”So just get that damn surgery, if that’s what makes you happier”

Will it make me happier?  Spending 6k to fix my body to do what? To be looking at my mirror and love me again? How would that be O.K to my daughter and my husband?

Six thousand dollars of I love myself vs Zero dollars of I love you the way you are! This is exactly what my husband said to me.

So, I reminded myself that I am beautiful. For less than one thousand dollars I am able to buy some matching sexy lingerie, silky new Bed covers, matching lipstick and maybe get those dusty heels out. Because, a matching bra I can wear every day. Some natural lipstick, too. Sleeping on a new Bed cover will make me look hot. And to keep reminding me of all that is the love of my husband, the love for myself and some candid yet sexy Photos taken by the Photographer.

Photo copyright Alisha Liker


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Internationally published Photographer and Author from Seattle,USA and currently in Europe on a personal Journey and life changes

One thought on “I reminded myself

  1. Loved this letter. Perfect… Little lingerie and frame the beauty already in existing. So true “programing” has distorted the idea of beauty or its nature. On the male side of this paradigm a man looks at himself and if he has no financial “game” it won’t matter how fit, sexy, or his new underwear will never get him accepted in this world. A man hears all too much that “it matters the good man you are” the hidden truth is that doesn’t pay the bills. So he has posters of his dream girl on his wall and on his phone as he walks to work at a minimal paying job to pay his student loans with no hope in sight for love until he gets and plays the “game”. Pictures of beautiful perfect women plastered on media and walls … a reminder “I’ll never have love, affection, desire, fulfilment because I have no game” …. The battle of the sexes continues… Unrealistic expectation of the masses preventing shared joy. A little lingerie and a few dollars can make it fun I guess. Lol

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