Trish & Christina, Oregon,USA

Usually I do not blog too much about weddings that I shoot. Other Photographer’s can probably see why, if you’re main focus differs from your Business.

However, once in a while we all have these chapters in life that leave huge impacts. Moments that you will remember, situations that you will always relate to something that at some point meant a great deal to you.

Trish and Chris booked me about 18 months out before their wedding date. The scheduled date was around the time I would leave to Europe after decades to take care of my sick mother about two to three months later. As a house and studio owner this needs to be planned very throughout all details that come with it. Starting with applying for Visa’s until not able  to take on bigger job’s to far out. With all the busyness that was going on it was clear to me that this would be my very last wedding in America for at least a year or two. Knowing that Christina is a follower of God it most likely gave me comfort whether I should shoot or not. Additionally, I have known her for a little and remember her calling me a year earlier talking about her plan to propose to her Love.

The whole picture of their Love made me put aside everything distracting and so we start planning the entire year!
At time at their Engagement I was still living in my beautiful little town in Washington State and traveled to Oregon to capture these two love birds. Then, six months later again for their big wedding day!

This time, I was traveling between California and Nevada after renting out my house and closing my Studio. It was only eight weeks until I would be flying to Europe, back to my roots. Getting ready and packing up my gear for the trip back to Oregon to shoot my last wedding in 2016. Bittersweet.  Unfortunately the traffic was so bad and made the trip a bit inconvenient. After about 7 hours driving I made it to the Hotel safely that Trish and Chris had booked for me. AntJuan DeCarlos, my better half for Videography made it  to Oregon as well. We sat together to go over the last few points for tomorrow’s wedding until late.

Trish’s and Christina’s big day !

Arriving at this beautiful Hotel were these girls were getting ready. Christina on a different floor that Trish made it very magical for AntJuan and I to go up and down to see them, chat, laugh and photograph them. A pre-highlight for me personally was when both Brides wrote loving notes to each other that was delivered by one of their Bridesmaids. Something we just loved to capture and film.


Not sure why but this time I was very emotional. This wedding was perfect on so many levels. Especially with the things that are going on in our society lately.  Honestly, if it wasn’t for God I would have stopped believing in true Love personally. And every time I have my doubt’s, God puts all these wonderful people in my life. To proof, Love exist, Honesty exist, Forever exist! I am being reminded what a privilege it is for me to witness two hearts melt into one. That is what life is all about. Finding the one we love, the one we trust, the one we grow old with and perhaps share the same faith with!

”Only if we take each other’s hands, we walk together on rocky roads, and if one falls, the other lifts the other back up” [alisha liker]

Are you ready to see her, Trish?

”Yes,let’s go !”



Our hearts speak the same language !















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