About Alisha Liker



I am Alisha. A Fine Art & Portrait Photographer from Seattle, USA. I recently moved to Germany in late 2016 to enjoy travel Internationally & Photograph all things beautiful.

I was awarded in 2015 as Seattle’s best Fine Art Portraitist expressing my views of many different Fashion Editorials and Fine Art Documentary. After this award I received amazing feedback’s from clients and other Artists that encouraged me to expand my visions and love of Life.

Between working for various Magazine’s, Designers and Brides I also am a lover of old traditions and culture. I hold a strong faith for God, Family and general Happiness. I am madly in love and couldn’t be any happier.

In my free time I work on my Art Books and put all my love and effort in this beautiful project called ” Summerwind”. A true based story of a friend of mine who hired me to write her very touching story about her childhood. Nothing for sensitive souls. It began as a chapter book and is turning into a Novel. If you visit my website you can learn more about it under ”published books”.

If you interested in my work please visit my website http://www.alishaliker.com  Or contact me directly at alis.liker@gmail.com

Also, please follow my news&travel blog Zeitgeist Pistol




Thank you so much for your support. It is greatly appreciated !

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